This Billboard Just Went Up in Times Square as a Message to Joe Biden

This Billboard Just Went Up in Times Square as a Message to Joe Biden

( – Joe Biden has been President of the United States for a little more than a year at this point, and he’s become increasingly unpopular among Americans. The anti-Biden sentiment is growing within the United States as he makes bad decision after bad decision. While supporters grasp at the threads of Biden’s dwindling approval ratings, others voice their disapproval. Some remain subtle, sticking to social media to criticize the president, while others, like Job Creators Network (JCN), choose to go a not-so-subtle route.

JCN, one of America’s largest small business advocates, is sticking it to the president, just as they have in the past. Their most recent showing is on their billboard in the center of Times Square. The billboard features a red background with a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin and some unkind words. Under the bold lettering is another set of words saying “NYET to Russian Oil. Time for American Oil.” The billboard goes on to tell President Biden, “C’mon Joe, this ain’t hard.”

Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of JCN, noted that Biden serves as proof that one man can make a world of difference even in just a short time. Ortiz added that not all change is good, mentioning Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline on his first day drove America to be energy dependent on foreign countries including Russia. Breitbart News reports the United States has allegedly doubled imports.

Ortiz expressed that every drop of Russian oil Americans use feeds into their current war machine attacking Ukrainian people. Americans felt the cost of Russian oil on February 28, when barrel prices surged, causing gas prices to follow suit.

When Biden says there’s nothing he can do to bring gas prices down, that’s a falsehood. His policies prevented the Keystone XL Pipeline from being completed, allowing America to be energy independent. Meanwhile, he let Russia complete construction of Nord Stream 2, so now America buys oil from Russia and other foreign countries.

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