Taliban Reverses on Reopening Schools to Girls

Taliban Reverses on Reopening Schools to Girls

(UnitedReader.com) – After Biden’s terrible withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban quickly ascended to power. Since then, the regime insisted it planned to be different from its previous time as the country’s ruling party. The Taliban broke its promise yet again when it reversed course on reopening schools for girls.

The Taliban leadership’s decision came unexpectedly with a returned ban on girls above sixth grade from attending school, a decision that directly violated a promise the group previously made to ensure rights to education for women. The reversal happened so quickly the Education Ministry claims it was caught off guard on the start of the school year, March 23. Schools saw girls in higher grades try to attend, only to be forced to return home.

The decision comes in an attempt to please their more extreme base — at the expense of further cutting themselves off from the international community. The Taliban’s decision will not only negatively impact the women in Afghanistan, but the country as a whole.

The country’s leaders have been seeking humanitarian aid from the international community, but its decision to renege on its promise to allow higher education for women is likely to dampen those efforts. The international community has urged them to reopen schools for women and give them the right to public space.

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