Starbucks Confirms It’s Closing Its Doors in Russia

Starbucks Confirms It's Closing Its Doors in Russia

( – The ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine has caused public outrage across the globe. Many companies are shutting down their services and closing their doors in Russia as a result of the military action it has taken against Ukraine. Despite various companies choosing to boycott Russia, some are behind the curve.

Numerous companies closed their doors in Russia at the onset of the conflict, while others chose to remain open. After receiving severe backlash from the public, some businesses are caving to the pressure. Among them are coffee-serving giant Starbucks and soft-drink conglomerate Coca-Cola, as they follow in the footsteps of fast-food titan McDonald’s.

Both companies announced their decision on March 8; Coca-Cola opted to issue a press release on the matter. The beverage manufacturer took notice of the people suffering in Ukraine as a result of the conflict, noting its intention to monitor the situation as it evolves.

President and CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, wrote a letter to the coffee chain’s community. He echoed his condemnation of Russia’s actions and announced the company’s suspension of business operations in the country.

The major corporations and businesses closing down their activities in Russia is sure to deal a massive blow to the Russian economy, which is already suffering due to international sanctions.

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