Scientists Find Link Between Gut Bacteria and Stroke Risk

Scientists Find Link Between Gut Bacteria and Stroke Risk

Could Your Gut Bacteria Cause a Stroke? Scientists Explain The Link

( – Strokes are more common than many people may think. According to the American Stroke Association, strokes are the biggest cause of disability and the 5th greatest cause of mortality in the United States. While there are different types of strokes, they’re all scary. What’s even scarier is that researchers recently found a link between gut bacteria and an increased risk of stroke.

The Guardian recently reported on the European Stroke Organization Conference, in which scientists presented their studies indicating the connection. These researchers claim they’ve discovered a group of microbes that have the ability to increase or decrease a person’s risk of stroke.

In one study, Cyprien Rivier of Yale University used a technique called Mendelian randomization to investigate specific microbes. Their research found 26 species of bacteria that have a significant connection to strokes. Rivier admitted that many were associated with low-risk strokes, while five of them increased the risk of ischemic stroke or one of the subtypes of it.

In Barcelona, Spain, Dr. Miquel lledós of the Sant Pau Research Institute believes his research could help doctors to improve the neurological recovery of stroke patients or prevent strokes altogether. He noted there are currently no protections or treatments available that can prevent stroke patients from worsening neurologically. He hopes that nutritional changes, or even fecal transplants, could be new therapies for improving a person’s progression after a stroke.

This research just goes to show that a healthy, diverse diet can truly decrease a person’s chances of suffering a stroke. The research could lead the way to how we treat patients and possibly even open the door to preventing the devastating event.

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