Russia Resorts to “Missile Terrorism” Against Ukraine’s Civilians as Offensive Stalls

Russia Resorts to "Missile Terrorism" Against Ukraine's Civilians as Offensive Stalls

Putin Deploys Terrorist Tactics Against Ukraine In Fit Of Frustration

( – Ukraine has been defending itself since February 24 from the Russian aggressors. The assault is likely taking much longer than the Kremlin had anticipated. As a result, the Russian military is resorting to terrorism, hoping to strike fear into the hearts of Ukrainians.

Recently a collection of Russian missile strikes took place throughout the war-torn country. A Ukrainian publisher living in Lviv, Oleh Feschowetz, believes the strikes weren’t meant to cause any real destruction, adding they were likely to be mentally devastating to the Ukrainian population. According to the Washington Examiner, Feschowetz wrote them a message indicating that Russia would only get a combination of fatigue and rage from the population, with the rage overpowering their fatigue.

In this week’s attack, Russia conducted missile strikes on regions of the country that are far from the battle, on the western side of Ukraine, Lviv included. The Washington Examiner reported that many targets are railroads and Ukraine’s electricity grid, likely an effort to cut off Western supplies. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kubela, tweeted about the recent strikes and asserted his people wouldn’t falter.

It just goes to show that the Kremlin is becoming increasingly desperate to overthrow the smaller European nation. How far will Russian President Vladimir Putin go to ensure victory? Or will Ukraine be able to hold out against the Russian invaders and claim victory, preserving their freedom, liberty, and livelihoods?

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