Russia Frees US Marine From Their Grasp In Exchange for This Dangerous Criminal

Russia Frees US Marine From Their Grasp In Exchange for This Dangerous Criminal

US Marine Freed From Russian Prison – But There’s a Catch

( – With Russian-American relations at an all-time low thanks to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, it seemed unlikely the two countries would be striking any deals. Despite the odds, officials were able to make headway for one American. After detaining a US Marine in a labor camp for over a year, Russia agreed to send him home in exchange for a Russian prisoner in the United States.

Former US Marine Trevor Reed was an inmate in a Russian prison after authorities arrested him for allegedly attacking an officer. Reed had been drinking heavily when police detained him and took him to the station. He supposedly attacked the officer during this trip. His family has claimed he’s innocent since sentencing, and the US government has insisted the story was a fabrication of Russian authorities.

Whatever happened, Reed is on his way home now, and that’s all that matters. President Biden is proud of his diplomacy to get Reed back in the United States, claiming it came as the result of tough decisions during negotiations.

The former Marine isn’t the only one to benefit from this deal. Russia is also bringing a citizen home: Konstantin Yaroshenko. Authorities arrested the Russian pilot in Liberia and then extradited him to the US, where the court found him guilty of conspiring to smuggle cocaine into the country in 2011. He received a 20-year prison sentence, serving over half that before his release.

Both prisoners are fortunate enough to be heading back to their respective countries. Especially considering the very-low relations US and Russia are experiencing right now, they were lucky to get out when they did.

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