Ron DeSantis’ Popularity Continues to Rise

Ron DeSantis' Popularity Continues to Rise

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has been making headlines and gaining national attention. With his numbers seemingly on an upswing, speculation surrounding whether or not the governor will be running for president in 2024 have surfaced once again. The numbers indicate DeSantis may be a favorite among the GOP, rivaling even Donald Trump.

ABC News appears to believe DeSantis’ success is stemming from his Trump-like agenda, attacking “woke” culture and demanding people stand up to the mob. Whatever DeSantis is doing, it appears to be working.

A poll conducted by independent research company SSRS, with the results published on CNN, indicates that DeSantis is firmly in second place to Trump in terms of a Republican nomination for 2024’s presidential election. The numbers show that while half of right-leaning independents want Trump to earn the nomination, a growing number of voters are hoping the Republican nomination goes to DeSantis.

Of the respondents who indicated they’d like to see someone other than Trump win the nomination, 60% answered they’d be fine with anyone other than the former president. Another 38% expressed a specific person they’d like to see replace Trump on the presidential ballot; Governor DeSantis earned a whopping 21% while other potential candidates couldn’t get more than 1%.

Why is DeSantis doing so well? ABC News attributes his success to mirroring Trump’s ideology, but respondents in the poll indicated that Trump’s personality and polarization are the main reasons they don’t want him in office. While it may be true that DeSantis has gained popularity using Trump-like language, he isn’t Trump, which helps him win the votes of right-leaning independents who like Trump, but not his personality.

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