One Officer Injured as Abortion Protests Break Out in LA

One Officer Injured as Abortion Protests Break Out in LA

Violence Breaks Out Over Abortion Controversy – One Officer Pays The Price

( – Flash back to 2020: There are angry protestors everywhere, clashing with law enforcement. It was a scene that became commonplace across the United States. Now, it appears the country may face a similar problem as demonstrations are beginning to erupt all over to fight for abortion rights. In Los Angeles, the movement turned violent and resulted in the injury of at least one officer.

Fox News reported that the crowd, originally around 30 protestors, gathered outside of a federal courthouse. Soon, over 250 people filled the street. Eventually, reports came in of there being over 400 protestors. Authorities stepped in to disperse the crowd when some participants began throwing items at police.

The protest came after Politico leaked the opinion of Justice Samuel Alito regarding the “Roe v. Wade” case and why he believes the court should overturn it. Michel Moore, Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), tweeted about the incident, claiming to have attempted to communicate with the crowd before detailing how the group began to assault officers, resulting in one cop’s injury.

Chief Moore admitted in his tweet the extent of the officer’s injury was unknown. LA was hardly the only city to see protests take place. Fox News mentioned there have been demonstrations in major cities across the country following the Politico leak, likely following the Washington, D.C. protest that took place outside the US Supreme Court building.

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