North Korea Considering Testing Nuclear Device

North Korea Considering Testing Nuclear Device

( – On March 28, Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea, acknowledged that he would continue to develop powerful weapons. A statement from the nation’s official news source, the Korean Central News Agency, suggests additional launches are coming with the potential for nuclear devices. This news comes as the country moves ahead to modernize its military capabilities.

On March 24, North Korea carried out weapons testing for the 12th time in 2022. The test was of a long-range Hwasong-17 that has the capabilities of reaching anywhere in the mainland of the United States, creating an undeniable new threat.

In a recent meeting with scientists involved in the Hwasong testing, Kim said that he wants to continue development to protect against foreign aggression. The North Korean leader noted his nation must build its defense and power to ensure nobody can stop it because only then could he guarantee security.

There is also an indication Kim’s desires to build his military strength are due to stalled talks with the United States about a denuclearization deal. There hasn’t been anything happening since 2019 with the proposal to provide economic and political benefits to North Korea in return for denuclearization. US officials have attempted to resume talks but keep meeting with pushback. The Koreans say the United States is too hostile, and the foreign leaders want preconditions before meeting again.

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