Lee Greenwood Reflects on Abrupt Biden Decision to Cut Him From Serving on the NEA

Lee Greenwood Reflects on Abrupt Biden Decision to Cut Him From Serving on the NEA

(UnitedReader.com) – According to Newsmax, Lee Greenwood has served on the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) for years. Greenwood apparently received a letter from the Biden administration detailing that he would be replaced on the council. Greenwood joined Newsmax for an interview with Grant Stinchfield to talk about the sudden decision to replace him.

Stinchfield mentioned how President Biden wants to replace Greenwood with theater director Camilla Forbes. The Newsmax host also detailed how Greenwood, the American singer/songwriter responsible for the song “God Bless the USA,” has served on the NEA for a decade, spanning several presidencies both Republican and Democrat.

Greenwood first took a seat with the NEA after former President George W. Bush nominated him, he served loyally through the Obama years and eventually Trump’s presidency. Now, President Biden is canceling him. When Stinchfield asked Greenwood why the president would abruptly replace him, the American singer and songwriter told him that Biden plans to replace him and others on the NEA affiliated with Republican presidents.

Greenwood mentioned the Senate has to ratify any replacements for the current seats in the NEA, noting that until they do that, he will remain a part of the council. The American singer/songwriter noted that President Biden wants him out due to his work with former President Donald Trump.

Biden suddenly wants to remove Greenwood, who has served diligently under four different administrations throughout the years. The big question is, is Biden doing this for political reasons?

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