Kevin McCarthy Absolutely Does Not Want to Cooperate With Jan. 6 Committee

Kevin McCarthy Absolutely Does Not Want to Cooperate With Jan. 6 Committee

( – It’s been over a year since the January 6 incident, when Trump supporters protested the 2020 election results and stormed the Capitol. Investigators are still looking for answers. The January 6 Committee has called upon prominent Republicans, such as former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, US Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). None of them wants to cooperate with the investigation, especially Rep. McCarthy.

McCarthy asserted as the leader of the minority party, he took no satisfaction in not helping the committee, but he also admitted to not regretting his decision. The Minority Leader mentioned he wouldn’t voluntarily assist the January 6 investigation.

McCarthy’s statement on his website blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and called the investigation a fraud. The basis for his claim of the committee’s illegitimacy was that Pelosi rejected his Republican nominees and replaced them with Republicans she favored.

McCarthy claimed the committee was only in place to damage political opponents and had no legislative purpose. According to the Republican, the January 6 Committee is a stain on the House and an abuse of power by Democrats that will ultimately harm the institution in the future.

The Minority Leader insisted everything the committee wanted to interview him about was already available in his public statements. McCarthy claimed the committee also sought to question him about private conversations that had nothing to do with January 6 and that he had nothing else to add.

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