Kamala Harris Focuses on “Root Causes” of Immigration To Explain Crisis

Kamala Harris Focuses on "Root Causes" of Immigration To Explain Crisis

Kamala Harris Heels Into White House Plan To Address Immigration Crisis

(UnitedReader.com) – Near the beginning of his presidency, Joe Biden dubbed his vice president, Kamala Harris, to be the “border czar” and address the immigration crisis that had developed in the region. VP Harris largely avoided visiting, until she came out to offer a speech at the Summit of the Americas, where she said the “root causes” of the problem needed to be the country’s real focus.

The vice president felt the US needed to do more in Central America. Harris has been trying to get private investors to put money into addressing violence, poverty, economic instability, and climate change. VP Harris mentioned during her speech at the summit in Los Angeles that companies have committed $3.2 billion to invest in the region, namely Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Harris noted that three principles are driving her ambitious goals. She noted that she believes people don’t want to leave their homes and communities, and they only do so for two reasons: to get away from harm or because they can’t provide for their families. Harris added that governments can’t be alone in the effort and need to help each other prioritize and combat corruption and violence while promoting the rule of law and empowering women.

The vice president touted the funds the “call to action” had received, claiming it’s on track to create “tens of thousands of jobs,” and help those in need get bank services, Internet, and credit. Harris explained that investors wouldn’t see change happen overnight, adding it will take time because the issues also took time to arise.

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