Iran, Russia Working Together to Evade US Sanctions

Iran, Russia Working Together to Evade US Sanctions

( – Iran and Russia are both adversaries of the United States. Still, all three countries attempt to be civil and diplomatic. US officials impose sanctions in an effort to get what they want from other countries. Russia and Iran have other plans as they team up to curb the effects.

According to the Iran state-run Mehr News Agency, a Russian official asserted that the two countries are working together in an effort to protect financial and trade exchanges from international restrictions. The disclosure comes only days after President Biden announced his intention to waive sanctions allowing Moscow to build up the Iranian civilian nuclear program.

It’s clear that Russia and Iran are constructing better relations as both are subjected to penalties from the US and the international community. Russia has become a prominent “middleman” in the US effort to reinstate the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. Both China and Russia have pressured the Biden administration to ease the economic sanctions it has on Iran as a clause in the new deal. If the US honored such an agreement, it would give Iran access to billions of dollars to put toward its nuclear program.

The relationship will also help Russia keep in touch with Tehran as the US and others in the international community threaten it with more sanctions as a result of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Biden’s recent removal of restrictive measures will allow China and Russia to aid Iran’s nuclear program without the concern of penalties. Republicans are criticizing the move, citing Biden is getting little in return for the deal. Russia and Iran likely see Biden’s decision as a concession as diplomats from the United States continue to push both for a new nuclear deal.

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