How YouTubers and Other Influencers Are Cracking Cold Cases

How YouTubers and Other Influencers Are Cracking Cold Cases

( – YouTube has become an extremely successful platform since its founding in 2006. The site has only grown, and now influencers on the channel seriously impact society. Not all use their powers for good, but thankfully the following YouTubers do.

In April 2000, two teens disappeared along with their car. Jeremy Bechtel and Erin Foster have been missing for 21 years. But thanks to Jeremy Sides, 42, who operates a YouTube channel called “Exploring With Nug,” the tide has turned. His channel focuses on finding missing people and property.

Sides posted a video on December 4 that has already amassed over 2 million views. In the video, Sides uses sonar to discover the location of a car in Tennessee’s Calfkiller River. Later in the video, he takes a dive to explore the area and discovers that the car was the one that belonged to the two missing teens.

Remains were found inside the car, but authorities haven’t yet confirmed whose they are.

Sides’ discovery marks the second time in a month in which he has helped authorities solve a missing persons case, the first being a woman who was missing since 2005. Another YouTube channel, “Chaos Divers,” is helping in the search for missing people as well. The group has discovered seven missing people in the United States in the last two months.

These YouTubers and influencers are making a difference in the world and documenting it all along the way. Families are getting closure for the loss of their loved ones thanks to the actions of a few dedicated and kind-hearted people.

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