House Votes Yes on Spending $40 Billion on Ukraine Aid

House Votes Yes on Spending $40 Billion on Ukraine Aid

House Of Representatives Green-lights MASSIVE $40 Billion Spending Bill

( – The battle in Ukraine is only weeks away from going on its third month, and Moscow doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. The Ukrainian effort has come at a price not only in the lives of those lost, but to the nations that have supplied Ukraine with aid, namely the United States. Despite already sending billions upon billions of dollars, Congress is looking to shove yet another bill through to supply even more money to Ukraine, this time nearly $40 billion.

CBS News reported that US Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, introduced the $39.8 billion bill that would supply more aid to the fighting Ukrainians. After passing in the House 368-57, the bill now heads to the Senate, where Senator Chuck Schumer, (D-NY) the Majority Leader, claims members will take action on the bill as soon as it can.

DeLauro added that Congress has a moral responsibility to give Ukraine what it needs to defeat Russia and end the tragic loss of life. The bill includes $8.7 billion to restock US supplies that it sends to Ukraine, $6 billion for security training and weaponry, $5 billion to help with food insecurities, and $3.9 billion for intelligence and mission support. An additional $900 million will go toward Ukrainian refugees and immigrants to help find housing, and another $2 million will go toward the regulatory and technical support of Ukraine’s nuclear regulatory agency.

The House passed the bill after President Biden urged members to pass a $33 billion piece of legislation. Now, if only he could focus on Americans. Lawmakers are ignoring the very people who elected them, allowing them to suffer. Inflation is through the roof, and Americans across the country are having a difficult time paying for the items they need. Perhaps Biden should address these issues rather than worry about what’s going on in Eastern Europe.

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