Groom Admits to Killing Bride in Brutal Murder

Groom Admits to Killing Bride in Brutal Murder

( – When a married person dies a wrongful death, the police first suspect the spouse most of the time. In a recent case that went down on Halloween, the husband admitted to the murder of his wife but claimed it was an accident.

On October 31, a report of a dead body prompted police to respond. Authorities found Dawn Walker’s body near a playground, stuffed into a suitcase not far from the couple’s home in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Thomas Nutt, 45-year-old husband of Walker, 52, admitted to killing his wife not even a week after the couple got hitched.

Police indicated they arrested Nutt the same day they discovered the body. Authorities have announced that they aren’t pursuing any other suspects. While Nutt admitted to killing his new wife, his attorney, Abigail Langford, asserted her client isn’t guilty of any crimes.

Langford added that the case is complicated because Nutt maintains he didn’t mean to kill her or cause her any harm. The court adjourned Nutt’s case until February 10, 2022. On that day, a plea and trial preparation hearing will take place. As of now, Nutt is looking at a week-long trial beginning on July 25, 2022.

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