Google Maps Store Your Location and Search Every Single Time

Google Maps Store Your Location and Search Every Single Time

( – Google is a massive company with unfathomable influence. The tech titan has integrated itself into almost every aspect of people’s lives, namely through its web browser, map services and Android phones. The Silicon Valley giant stores what people search and where they go every day.

The data hoarding is allegedly to improve services Google provides. It gathers as much data as possible on billions of users to help it better target advertising. Google tracks location data minute by minute through location services on Android operating systems as well as all location searches.

If someone is an iPhone user and looks up an address on Google or Google Maps, the company collects all of that data as well. Authorities have even utilized the service to track down suspects. For all the benefits it provides, the minute-by-minute tracking poses a serious risk to privacy and security.

In most cases, Google asks permission from users to track their data. However, sometimes the company disregards these permissions and tracks user data despite their preferences. The company has been the subject of increased scrutiny in recent years. There have been accusations that Google tracked people’s actions even after they changed their privacy settings to block it from doing so.

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