Federal Judge Questions Why Democrats Are Really Going After Trump’s Tax Returns

Federal Judge Questions Why Democrats Are Really Going After Trump's Tax Returns

(UnitedReader.com) – Last week, federal District Judge Trevor McFadden pointed out the obvious in the Democrat’s efforts to secure former President Trump’s tax returns. The Trump-appointed judge went so far as to call out Hunter Biden’s name concerning future requests for tax returns of presidents and their families.


The 45th president of the United States is fighting the request for his tax returns, citing the same executive privilege that former President Obama used during Trump’s term. The request for Trump’s tax returns took an unprecedented turn when Biden’s DOJ made it a “requirement” for the IRS to hand over his returns. The request is part of the Jan 6 investigation and yet another unproven connection in Trump partnering with foreign governments.

In an ironic twist, the judge called out Hunter Biden, who has close business ties with China and Ukraine, a country that already made a public announcement concerning funds it’s given to the Bidens.

Are the Democrats so infused with hate for Trump that they are willing to gamble throwing the Biden family to the wolves, or do they have a plan to circumvent that as well?

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