Facebook Is Blocking Info on Kyle Rittenhouse Case, Report Suggests

Facebook Is Blocking Info on Kyle Rittenhouse Case, Report Suggests

(UnitedReader.com) – In this day and age, many people get their news from social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, these platforms can decide what people see and what they can’t. One example is the Kyle Rittenhouse case, where people will find no search results on Facebook.

Rittenhouse is currently facing trial for homicide after he shot three protestors in Kenosha, WI, during a riot. The now 18-year-old young man claims he was defending himself. As the trial progresses, it seems like Rittenhouse may be telling the truth. One would think with the attention the trial and case are getting, it would be all over social media.

When someone searches Facebook for “Kyle Rittenhouse,” its engine indicates there’s no such name. No search including anything regarding Rittenhouse in the news tab results in any hits. It’s almost like Facebook doesn’t want people knowing what’s going on in the trial.

If Facebook would block this, what else have they intentionally concealed? Perhaps a better question is why Facebook would block the information. One of the key witnesses, a rioter who approached the teen with a handgun, admitted that Rittenhouse didn’t shoot him until he pointed his weapon at the young man.

Were Rittenhouse’s actions within reasonable self-defense, or did he go looking for trouble? Only time will tell as the trial continues.

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