East Coast Feels the Pain of “All-Time High” Gas Prices

East Coast Feels the Pain of "All-Time High" Gas Prices

Another “All-Time High” For Democrats – This Time With Gas Prices

(UnitedReader.com) – Like everything else in America, the price of fuel has gradually increased as inflation has crippled the nation. Americans are feeling the pain everywhere, but especially on both of the coasts. While California’s gas prices don’t come as a surprise, people in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are feeling the pain as all three liberal-led states experience record-high fuel prices.

According to WPVI-TV, Philadelphia recorded gas prices of $4.64/gallon, a +14 cent difference over the statewide average. The report goes on to include the state averages of Pennsylvania, $4.50/gal; Delaware, $4.40/gal; and New Jersey, $4.47/gal. All three of those states are above the national average of $4.32/gal, according to the report, adding that’s $1.36 more per gallon than it was the same time last year. WPVI noted that diesel is also seeing record highs, at an average of $5.54/gal nationally.

Despite the Biden administration’s best attempts to lay the blame elsewhere, Americans aren’t falling for it. A survey from the Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group shows lowering inflation and repairing the economy, including reducing fuel prices, is the biggest concern among the voters surveyed — all of which could pose a problem for Democrats in the midterms.

The midterm elections are still months away. What can Americans do to lower fuel costs in the meantime? Well, they can look for apps or memberships that might save them money at the pump such as Speedway Rewards, Walmart+, Gas Guru, and Gas Buddy. Many people may also have to change their spending habits in order to afford fuel.

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