DOD Releases Declassified Information on UFOs

DOD Releases Declassified Information on UFOs

DOD Makes STARTLING Confession About UFOs

( – Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), as the US government calls them, have been a mystery to man for decades. For too many years, the federal government kept anything related to UFOs or UAP under tight wraps. Recently, officials have become more open about the phenomena, admitting they exist, even providing video and photographic evidence. While much of the information remains unavailable, the Department of Defense (DoD) recently declassified some files.

According to Fox News, the Pentagon joined a congressional hearing and shared several photos and videos with lawmakers depicting UAP on May 17. As members of Congress pressed the DoD, the officials couldn’t offer specific explanations for the objects in the videos and pictures.

Fox News mentions that one video briefly shows a UFO blow past a military pilot. In other footage, viewers could see distinct glowing triangle shapes in the night sky. The evidence came during the testimonies of Ronald Moultrie, the Under Secretary of Defense Intelligence, and Scott Bray, the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence. Bray claimed the objects in one video were a mystery for a while before officials finally determined they were unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones.

Lawmakers mentioned the shame people associate with UAP sightings can no longer be enough to stop them from considering the UFOs a threat to national security. US Representative Andre Carson (D-IN) asserted that UAPs need to be treated as threats to the United States, claiming the stigma surrounding such sightings has hindered the ability to gather accurate intelligence.

Is Congress right? Could UFOs pose a threat to the safety and sovereignty of the US? Perhaps the government will release additional information and be more open about the topic in the future.

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