Disney Donated $250K to Lawmakers That Voted for “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Disney Donated $250K to Lawmakers That Voted for "Don't Say Gay" Bill

(UnitedReader.com) – Florida legislators recently passed a bill that many Americans are finding controversial. Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to sign the legislation into law. Now, Disney is catching flak for not publicly condemning the bill critics are calling “Don’t Say Gay.”

Not only is the company in hot water over not criticizing the bill, but many people are upset with Disney for donating to several of the bill’s backers. The entertainment giant gave more than $250,000 to Florida lawmakers supporting the bill.

Newsweek reported that Disney donated $21,500 to Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson, $5,500 to Sen. Dennis Baxley and $20,000 to Sens. Debbie Mayfield and Manny Diaz Jr. In all, the company has given $253,850 to several lawmakers who voted to pass the controversial bill.

The LGBTQ community has urged people to boycott the company after Bob Chapek, Disney’s CEO, failed to publicly condemn the bill. However, the CEO is now claiming Disney opposed the legislation from the beginning. If that’s true, then why donate to Republicans who supported the bill? Perhaps Chapek is just afraid of taking too much heat. If you’re going to support lawmakers, at least stand by them when things get tough.

Of course, Chapek attempted to quell the criticism, claiming Disney donates to people of both political parties with varying views on the legislation. Sounds more like another CEO too scared to stand up to the leftist mob.

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