Democrats Take Back Conceding Election, Call for Recounts

Democrats Take Back Conceding Election, Call for Recounts

( – Virginia Democrats recently conceded the House of Delegates to their Republican counterparts. Now, as a few key races heat up, they’re taking back their concession. In two districts where Republicans lead, the difference is under 0.5%, allowing for a state-funded recount.

As of November 9, Republicans hold 50 of the 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates and lead in two other districts. Delegate Martha Mugler (D) conceded to her challenger A.C. Cordoza (R) in District 91 on November 5. But over the weekend, Cordoza’s lead shrank to just 94 votes out of the district’s 27,388 after officials counted provisional and absentee ballots.

The same is playing out in District 85 as Democratic incumbent, Alex Askew, chipped away at his Republican opponent, Karen Greenhalgh’s, lead, cutting it to only 127 out of the district’s 28,413. The Virginia House of Delegates Speaker, Eileen Filler-Corn, took back her concession, citing provisions to ensure that the election outcomes are the right ones.

While the districts fall under the 0.5% difference, recounts in Virginia are not automated. If candidates believe there needs to be a recount, they have to wait until the state Board of Elections certifies the vote. The board will meet and certify results on November 15; from there, Askew and Mugler will need to file a petition in court calling for a recount within ten days. If the court grants a recount, three judges will oversee the recount process.

The November 2 elections saw several Republicans overtake Democratic positions such as the attorney general, the lieutenant governor and the governor’s office. Currently, there is at least a tie in the Virginia House of Delegates as Republicans flipped several seats. Democrats are likely doing all they can to hold on to what power they still have.

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