Court Packing Is ‘Out of Bounds’ According to Biden’s Supreme Court Panel

Court Packing Is 'Out of Bounds' According to Biden's Supreme Court Panel

( – Since Donald Trump won the 2020 election, Democrats have pushed to expand and pack the Supreme Court. However, President Biden has voiced his disapproval of the idea, and he even went as far as to create a commission to look into whether expanding the court would actually be in the best interest of the American people. That commission has come to a conclusion.

The Supreme Court Commission entered their votes on December 7, after the 34 members conducted six public meetings and interviewed 44 witnesses. The Presidential Commission voted unanimously to send their final report to President Biden. In a virtual hearing the commission held on December 7, a number of members pointed out the varying opinions of the commission members.

The 288-page report didn’t give particular recommendations. Instead, it summarized arguments both in favor and opposed to a range of issues, including packing the Supreme Court. Biden’s commission found the move off-limits, especially when compared to other court reforms.

The decision is a blow to Democrats and progressives who have longed to expand and pack the court in their favor. The commission’s findings will likely keep the Supreme Court, and Biden’s opinion on the matter, unchanged.

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