Conor McGregor Facing Driving Offense Charges

Conor McGregor Facing Driving Offense Charges

( – UFC fighter Conor McGregor is in legal trouble after a traffic stop and arrest in Dublin, Ireland, on March 22. According to the Irish Independent, officials initially arrested McGregor for dangerous driving, but he now faces a total of six charges related to the incident.

McGregor appeared for the first time in court on April 7. ESPN reports the six charges against the fighter include two counts of dangerous driving and one count each for driving without a license, driving without insurance, failure to produce a license, and failure to produce insurance records. McGregor tweeted that he is continuing his training despite the recent legal troubles.

McGregor has been unable to fight due to a broken leg from a match in July 2021. He’s been in Dublin training for his comeback to the welterweight division of the UFC. The fighter is known for being the first to have titles in the featherweight and lightweight divisions at the same time. However, his career had been dwindling over the last couple of years, with his last victory taking place in 2016.

As for his legal issues, McGregor will return to court on June 23. He faces possible jail time, which could interfere with his future UFC plans.

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