China’s President Sounds Alarm as Inflation Surges

China's President Sounds Alarm as Inflation Surges

( – Inflation continues to plague the United States, but other countries are suffering from the pressure of increased prices, too. China is also witnessing economic struggles that stem from pandemic side effects. In fact, Chinese President Xi Jinping recently issued global leaders a stark warning about the impending threat and ensuing risks of knee-jerk reactions from leadership.

Jinping warned that the effect of inflation on the global economy might usher in an era of irreversible consequences for multiple countries. He also shockingly admitted that China suffers under pressures associated with global inflation, suggesting it could lead to disaster.

President Jinping’s comments stem from an appearance at the Davos summit online. He spoke at length about global collaboration on economic policy to address rising inflation. As the leader of the second-largest economy, Jinping believes the globe is slowly climbing out of the deep hole spurred by the pandemic. Yet, he says we still face many troubling obstacles.

The Chinese leader worries that western countries, including the US, will hike interest rates in response to inflation. Jinping feels that if major economies stop or change their minds on monetary policies, it could adversely affect almost every country in the world. He says developing countries will suffer the most.

China is among several countries, including Africa, Asia, and South America, to express growing concern for the US Federal Reserve’s plan to speed up the implementation of interest rate increases.

President Jinping did tell listeners that China’s economy remains unchanged. He feels it will likely remain resilient with favorable long-term prospects and ample potential despite facing tremendous pressure from the international and domestic economic environment changes.

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