China Adds New Semi-Submersible Vessel to Naval Fleet

China Adds New Semi-Submersible Vessel to Naval Fleet

China’s Navy Just Got A Powerful New Vessel

( – China has turned their attention to its military in recent years, namely maritime forces. Not only has it been notably successful, but they have also amassed a fleet that’s one of the largest in the world. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) just added another vessel to what seems to be an ever-growing collection, and this one is even semi-submersible.

According to Defense News, China’s military showed off this newest addition on their official website. Photos show the Yinmahu, a heavy semi-submersible ship, transporting a Type 958 hovercraft. The Yinmahu bears some resemblance to China’s first-of-class ship, the Donghaido, and has a layout similar to the semi-submersible transfer dock of America’s Sealift Command.

Due to the layout resembling the Donghaido, the ship is likely comparable in size as well. The first-of-class ship measures about 575.8 feet long and has a beam of around 106 feet. While the Donghaido displaces around 20,000 tons, the Chinese vessel is still much smaller than its closest rival in the US Navy, the Montford Point-class expeditionary transfer dock, measuring 758 feet long with a beam of 164 feet and a displacement of 78,000 tons. Additionally, China added four new air-cushioned Type 958s, capable of transporting 500 troops and three main battle tanks at full capacity.

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