Can’t Pay Your Rent? There Are Options

Can't Pay Your Rent? There Are Options

Behind On Rent? Help May Be Available

( – Renting is a great option for people who don’t want to commit to long-term loans. In some cases, times get tough and residents find they can’t afford to pay their landlords rent and face eviction. There are options out there for people who may find themselves in just this type of situation.

Talk to the Landlord

If someone thinks they’re going to miss a rent payment, they may find it productive to speak with their landlord ahead of time. They should explain their situation and ask the property manager for assistance.

Depending on the relationship the tenant has with the landlord, some may receive short-term leniency, especially if the person renting the property hasn’t missed any payments previously. Most of the time landlords don’t want to kick people out and risk losing any of their property income.

Anyone who fears they’re going to miss a payment needs to communicate with their building manager sooner rather than later. If they wait until after they’ve missed a payment, the situation is likely only going to be worse.

Look for Financial Assistance

Not being able to pay rent is a difficult situation and can lead to severe stress. There’s no shame in seeking assistance; everyone needs a little help now and again. While many people don’t want to, or may not have the option, they can ask family and friends for help with money before looking into different programs.

If their loved ones won’t or are unable to help, people can find local and state government assistance. The National Low Income Housing Coalition is a great resource to help people find help in their area. In addition, the Salvation Army also offers one-time grants to aid people in paying their rent.

If help still isn’t available, those in need can turn to, a one-stop shop for all financial assistance. The government site allows people to search by categories and filter by state, making it easier to find the right programs.

Move In With Family or Friends

While friends and family may not be able to help pay a person’s rent, they can offer somewhere to go if the landlord decides to evict them. It’s not always an ideal option and sometimes can be disruptive to the person offering, but it’s better to live with family or friends than on the streets. Deciding to make this move allows people having a difficult financial time to try to get back on their feet.

People moving in with family or friends shouldn’t freeload. Loved ones can serve as a safety net when someone falls on hard times, and those receiving help should avoid doing anything to deter that safeguard from helping again. Like moving in with loved ones, people seeking help shouldn’t abuse the assistance they receive.

Life can be hard, but people shouldn’t be ashamed if they get knocked down. They need to stand back up and keep fighting, even if they need a little help on the way.

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