California’s Electric Vehicle Mandate Would Displace 32,000 Mechanics by 2040

California's Electric Vehicle Mandate Would Displace 32,000 Mechanics by 2040

Experts Predict Massive Job Losses If This Democrat-Led Bill Passes

( – California has become a very progressive state. While their motives aren’t always bad, the state’s leaders can take their ideas a bit too far sometimes. Most of the time, Golden State leaders are wanting to protect the environment, pushing for strict regulations and encouraging alternative fuels for cars. Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity, prompting California Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent EV mandate. Unfortunately, the move would likely lead to thousands of mechanics losing their jobs.

Breitbart reported that Governor Newsom’s executive order will prohibit the sale of all internal combustion engines in California by 2035. Of course, that’s if he can get it passed. In the event that California lawmakers do pass the legislation, Breitbart estimates it could put 32,000 mechanics out of work by 2040.

Initially, Newsom noted in his order that phasing out gas- or diesel-powered vehicles would result in more jobs. However, it appears his executive action could be what ends tens of thousands of them. CalMatters reported the state will likely lose 64,700 jobs as a result of the mandate, while only adding 24,900, for a net loss of 39,800. The report noted mechanics would experience the worst losses, but other jobs would suffer as well.

So, what happened to working toward a stronger economy? Even President Biden has claimed a “green” approach would be lucrative, offering good jobs with good wages, but this latest move seems to be the exact opposite of what progressives are selling.

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