Biden Administration Looking to Take Back the Debate on Gun Control

Biden Administration Looking to Take Back the Debate on Gun Control

( – President Biden is once again wandering into the political battle of gun control in the United States. It’s really no surprise as he has long been a harsh critic of the Second Amendment. The president recently talked about taking action against gun violence, reigniting his fight against guns in America.

Executive Action

During his announcement of new gun control action, the president mentioned ghost guns, claiming anyone could buy them regardless of whether or not they passed a background check. Biden pointed out the so-called ghost gun was easy to put together and that anyone, including terrorists, domestic abusers, and felons could do it and have a fully functional firearm in as little as half an hour. President Biden mentioned his decision to take executive action came from Congress’ inability to pass similar legislation. He blamed gun rights activists and lobbyists, such as the National Rifle Association (NRA), for slowing down his administration’s efforts to implement gun control.

Biden noted the NRA and other groups have labeled his proposals as extreme, asking if it was extreme to want to protect law enforcement officers and the children of America. The president also made an effort to clear up his stance on defunding the police, noting that he actually wants to invest more in the nation’s law enforcement.

The Washington Post details the Biden Department of Justice’s plan to ban the manufacturing of ghost guns, which includes buy-build-shoot kits, much like the one Biden presented during his address. These guns are allegedly invisible to the criminal justice system, making them easy to obtain by anyone. The kits are available to buy online or in stores, without the need for a background check, according to the Post.

Democrats: As Predictable as Ever

Democrats are attempting to make up some ground ahead of the midterm elections regarding crime, as many have been the subject of criticism for being too lenient. Biden’s executive action plays right into the hands of the Republican party and other pro-gun groups, exposing just how far Democrats will go in their quest to destroy the Second Amendment. It’s obvious the concerns many Republicans show for the safety of the Second Amendment aren’t irrational.

New Sheriff in Town

President Biden also announced his nomination of Steve Dettelbach for the new head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). The Senate hasn’t confirmed a leader of the ATF since 2015, but that doesn’t mean Dettelbach will be a shoo-in.

The former Ohio US attorney still has plenty of roads to cover before calling himself head of the ATF. President Biden is doing everything he can to implement gun control in the United States. So far, his plans haven’t come to fruition, but will that change? Will our beloved Second Amendment finally meet its demise, or will it protect itself in the end?

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