Baseball Legend Dies From Reported Suicide

Baseball Legend Dies From Reported Suicide

( – Suicide has become a serious issue in the modern era. People always want to be successful and chase their dreams. However, that’s not necessarily enough to keep people going. The recent death of a professional baseball player shows how serious the issue is.

Jeremy Giambi, the younger brother of Jason Giambi, died on February 9 in his parents’ home. He was once a star in Major League Baseball (MLB), playing for several teams over his short career. Giambi was 47 years old when he died.

Authorities in the Southern California area responded to a medical emergency; upon arrival they discovered Giambi was deceased. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner/Coroner determined that Giambi’s cause of death was suicide. The LA County Medical Examiner/Coroner later determined the former MLB player died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The Oakland Athletics, whom Giambi played for between 2000-2002 with his brother, issued a statement on Twitter expressing their heartbreak when hearing the news.

The former first baseman and outfielder was part of a steroid scandal in 2005 after admitting he used anabolic steroids, the only chink in his career’s armor. Aside from that, he had a good record, with a batting average of .263 and 52 home runs.

Giambi’s agent, Joel Wolfe, has asked for the respect of the former MLB player’s family as they navigate this difficult time.

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