Armed Cartel Members Surround Car, Causing People Inside to Panic

Armed Cartel Members Surround Car, Causing People Inside to Panic

( – Aaron Payzant and Logan Howard took a trip to Mexico in February 2020 to photograph exotic birds. Instead of capturing some feathered friends, the couple videoed their frightening encounter with a drug cartel. This past week, the encounter went viral after clips of the video were shared to the video-sharing and creating app, TikTok.

Payzant and Howard took a dirt road near Tabasco to see if they could get some amazing shots. They soon discovered a truck careening toward them. Howard picked up speed in an attempt to get away while Payzant started hyperventilating from the stress.

The truck caught up with them, forcing them to stop. The video, posted to TikTok and the couple’s YouTube channel, shows armed men exiting the vehicle. A cartel member begins asking the travelers why they are there and where they are going. The shocked bird watchers reply that they don’t speak Spanish and make sure their hands are visible, so the armed men know they have no weapons.

Howard lies to them, saying he’s trying to get to his mother in Cancun. The cartel members try to calm down the travelers, telling them not to worry but advising them to leave the area. One of the men even pats Payzant’s shoulder in an attempt to soothe him.

The couple says they got away without any physical injuries, but the situation left them shaken. Suffering from severe anxiety, the YouTubers left their car behind, hidden in Mexico, before fleeing back to the United States.

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