Alec Baldwin Ludicrously Claims He Did Not Pull Trigger in ‘Rust’ Shooting

Alec Baldwin Ludicrously Claims He Did Not Pull Trigger in 'Rust' Shooting

( – In late October, renowned actor Alec Baldwin was involved in an on-set shooting that resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and the movie’s director suffering a minor injury. Baldwin has been pretty quiet since the incident, but authorities mentioned that he has been fully cooperative in the investigation. However, Baldwin’s recent claims have prompted questions from Sheriff Adan Mendoza of the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department.

Baldwin says he didn’t pull the trigger in a preview of his interview with George Stephanopoulos. In any case, Sheriff Mendoza doesn’t buy it, asserting that guns don’t go off independently.

According to reports, Baldwin was holding an F.LLI Pietta Long Colt 45 revolver. Bryan Carpenter, a weapons armorer, explained that a two-step process was necessary for the gun to fire. Carpenter elaborated that, first, one had to pull back the hammer on the revolver; the weapon would not fire without the hammer cocked. Then, once the gun was readied, someone had to pull the trigger to make it fire.

Carpenter mentioned that, on older revolvers, once one pulls back the hammer, pulling the trigger is easier than most people would expect. Still, Michael Corrie, a film and prop historian, explained that in order for a revolver to fire without a person pulling the trigger, there would need to be some sort of mechanical failure.

The experts could put Baldwin in hot water if they can’t support his claims. Could there be legal ramifications in Baldwin’s future?

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