A Gallon of Gas Is Now Worth More Than Minimum Wage in These Locations

A Gallon of Gas Is Now Worth More Than Minimum Wage in These Locations

Gas Is Now Worth More Than The Federal Minimum Wage

(UnitedReader.com) – There’s no doubt gas prices are astronomically high in the United States. Americans have never paid such excessive fuel prices. While some struggle to understand the gravity of the sky-high prices, those making minimum wage have to work an hour just to pay for a single gallon of gas in some areas.

Gas prices continue to shatter all the wrong records, and just in time for Americans to kick off their summer this Memorial Day weekend. According to CBS, millions of drivers will be hitting the road to visit family and friends. The media agency reported that, in California, drivers are paying more than the federal minimum wage for just one gallon of regular unleaded gasoline at several locations:

  • $7.83/gallon at the Chevron at 901 N. Alameda St. in Los Angeles
  • $7.39/gallon at the Shell at 453 Main St. in Bridgeport
  • $7.39/gal at the Chevron at 51557 US-395 in Lee Vining
  • $7.29/gal at the Mobil at 8489 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles

At the 600 Alameda Drive Chevron in Menlo Park, drivers can expect to pay $7.25/gal, right at the federal minimum wage. Even in California, where the minimum wage is $14 per hour, gas prices are eating a significant portion of people’s paychecks. It serves as a shocking statistic displaying the impact inflation is having on American families as they literally have to choose between buying gas, paying bills, or purchasing food for their families.

America is on the verge of a humanitarian crisis — and as just about everything becomes unaffordable and will continue to do so, fuel prices will likely continue to soar. In the process, the cost of transporting goods will probably keep rising, causing the price of goods to continue to spike.

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