Is Internet Cloud Storage Safe?

Is Internet Cloud Storage Safe?

Considering Cloud Storage? Read This Security Brief First

( – The Internet is an integral part of daily life. While it grants users instant access to nearly infinite knowledge, it’s also an incredibly risky place to share sensitive or personal information. Storing that data online increases the risk of data and identity theft significantly. Cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud can help, but only if users know how to use their chosen platform safely. Here’s where to start.

Physical Security

Physical security may seem redundant when it comes to storing personal items and information online, but it’s one of the best ways to keep accounts secure. The devices you use to access your data are an easy way for other people to access it as well. If you lose a phone or have a computer stolen, it’s a very real concern that someone may gain access to your personal information.

Keep these devices secure and guarded to avoid unwanted access. In addition, some cloud services give you the ability to add extra security, such as facial recognition, a PIN or passcode.

Strong Passwords Aren’t Always Enough

A strong password will certainly make it more difficult for a person to gain access to your data, but it might not be enough when it comes to your personal information. Add two-factor authentication (2FA) to all accounts or services that allow this step. With 2FAs in place, even if someone does guess a password, there’s still another level of security to go through before they can reach your information.

Most of the time, a 2FA will send a one-time code to your phone for use during login; without it, hackers remain locked out of your account. This extra step might be slightly inconvenient, but it’s a sensible sacrifice to protect your valuable information.

See What’s Connected

It’s convenient to have all of your information connected, making it easier to access your data from different accounts, devices and apps. Unfortunately, it’s easier for would-be hackers to gain access as well. Be sure to check frequently to see what third-party applications have access to your cloud storage.

If you see any that you don’t use, remove them as they may allow backdoor attainability to your data. Don’t worry, if there comes a time when you need to use the apps again, you can re-add them.

The Internet has made life convenient for many users, but it has also created openings for scammers and hackers to steal info, identities and money. The Internet is a dangerous place, but you can and should protect yourself. These are only a few examples of steps to take, and technology is ever changing, so it’s important to stay up to date on research and protect yourself as much as possible.

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